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Dortmund's excellent traffic infrastructure ensures that interregional and international connections are quick and convenient. Being able to use the various traffic systems from Dortmund, you can reach other cities in Germany and Europe pretty easy.


Every day more than 10,000 passengers use the subway
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Dortmund Airport provides the town and the region with direct flights to many destinations in different countries and to the most important airports in Europe. Quick check-in procedures, short distances, a clear layout and good security - just a few qualities that a rising number of passengers flying via Dortmund airport know and appreciate.The largest canal harbour in Europe is based in Dortmund. It offers the region's businesses a direct connection to the major seaports in Europe.

Dortmund has one of Germany's most important railway stations. 150,000 passengers use it every day to get easily to large cities in Germany and Europe.

Dortmund is also right at the centre of the European motorway network. No less than seven regional and nationwide interroutes meet here, ultimately forming an orbital road around Dortmund. As a result the other important cities in the Ruhr Area and other economical relevant regions in Europe can be reached quickly by car. In addition, a highly modern and efficient road network in and around Dortmund links the motorways with the business parks and the city centre. Dortmund has a splendid public transport system. It is very well equipped and has different technologies that'll take you easily from one place to another. A parking guidance system enables the driver to find one of the 7,600 parking places in one of the fourteen multi-story or underground carparks here.