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Dortmund – future oriented and confident

Like almost no other German city, Dortmund experienced enormous changes in recent years. The biggest city in the Ruhr Area also convinces with a wide range of possibilities in the cultural and sporting sector, with extensive greens and a high quality of life. Also Dortmund is known as an innovative location for technological development.


MST.factory Dortmund: Centre for Micro- and Nano-Technology
Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Benito Barajas

Counting nearly 600,000 inhabitants Dortmund continues growing. The ancient main trading route "Hellweg" goes right through the city centre. Dortmund is one of the biggest cities in the Federal Republic of Germany and the economic and cultural centre of Westphalia. The city was founded by the name "Throtmani" around the year 880. Later called "Dorpmunde" throughout the Middle Ages being one the most important and richest of the hanseatic League for quite a time.

Coal, steel and beer guaranteed economic prosperity beyond the middle of the past century. In the course of structural change, however, new branches like IT, micro systems technology, logistics, communications- and media technology have re-shaped Dortmunds corporate landscape.