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Europe in My Region


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In Dortmund you have numerous opportunities to experience Europe up close. The city is home to several institutions and associations that deal with European issues every day. Some of them are listed here to help you get in touch. e.V.

The has been promoting international understanding for 70 years and builds bridges between people, countries and cultures. The 26 bilateral groups – including 14 European countries – and more than 1000 members, the Institute for International Exchange (study trips and youth exchange), the European Solidarity Corps as well as the institute for political education illustrate the deep commitment of the to the idea of reconciliation, international understanding and the responsibility for a peaceful Europe.

Europe Direct Information Centre Dortmund (EDIC)

The EDIC Dortmund provides citizens with information, advice and answers concerning EU institutions, legislation and policies. It organizes various events and educational opportunities for students and teachers.

Europa-Union Dortmund

The Europa-Union is a non-partisan organisation that was founded in 1946 and aims to inform and educate EU citizens about current European policy issues. It understands itself as citizens’ initiative for European integration and is represented in Dortmund through its branch Europa-Union Dortmund.

IBB e.V.

The International Association for Education and Exchange is a non-profit organisation, committed to international understanding, reconciliation and tolerance.

Your organisation

Is your Dortmund-based organisation also working towards a strong, sustainable Europe? Please feel free to contact us to include your organisation in this overview.