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Dortmund is awarded for European commitment

Since November 2019 the City of Dortmund can call itself “Europaaktive Kommune” in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) - an award that is conferred by the state government of NRW for continued commitment to the European idea. Having already received the award for the first time in 2014, Dortmund now carries this title permanently.


The idea of "giving Europe a home" is lived in Dortmund.
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Lord Mayor Ullrich Sierau accepted the award from the Minister for Federal and European Affairs and International Affairs, Dr. Stephan Holthoff-Pförtner, at the award and networking event "Europaaktive Kommune und Zivilgesellschaft" on 4 November, 2019 in Düsseldorf. Lord Mayor Sierau was accompanied by Martin van der Pütten, Head of the Office for International Relations, Cornelia Irle, former European Affairs Officer of the City of Dortmund and Klaus Wegener, President of e.V.


Lord Mayor Sierau: "The commitment to Europe is a central part of the international work of the City of Dortmund. Both locally and in international networks, we bring people together to discuss issues. That's why for us Europe does not only take place in Brussels and Strasbourg, but also here in Dortmund".

Since 2013, the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia has been honouring the diverse European activities in North Rhine-Westphalian municipalities and the commitment to a Europe close to its citizens by awarding the title "Europaaktive Kommune". Since 2018, the state government has also been awarding the title "Europaaktive Zivilgesellschaft" to representatives of civil society.

In recent years Dortmund has among others also received special mention for education and community participation from the jury of the EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award, and was awarded with the European Public Sector Award (EPSA) as well as the EUROCITIES Awards in 2006 and 2009.

Council of Europe awards Dortmund with Plaque of Honour

Dortmund has been awarded the Council of Europe’s Plaque of Honour for its commitment to Europe. A reason for Mayor Thomas Westphal to be happy: The aim is to strengthen the awareness of Europe together with the citizens.  more…