About Dortmund

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Shopping in Dortmund


"Westenhellweg" Dortmund
Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Fachbereich Marketing + Kommunikation / Stefanie Kleemann

The Dortmund city attracts thousands of visitors every day, nearly 10,000 people stroll over the “Westenhellweg”every hour. It leaves nothing to be desired: the wide range from small boutiques to bookstores to large department stores - everyone can find what he needs.

Dortmund is the shopping center of the entire region. Not only people from the city and neighboring counties shop here - as the main center of the eastern Ruhr retail companies provide a total of about 2 million people. In the heart of the city center is the East and the West Hellweg. The “Westenhellweg” belongs with 9905 visitors at the hour to one of the ten most visited shopping malls throughout Germany - 9th place. The Westenhellweg - that is a synonym for Power-shopping, shopping under high pressure. Parallel to the west and east Hellweg is the “Kampstraße “boulevard, which invites to stroll to linger. The former tram tracks are banned under the earth, trees were planted and light pillars and benches placed and positioned. Moreover the offer of retailer is attractive for a nice shopping experience.

"Alter Markt" in the City Center

"Alter Markt" Dortmund

Culinary highlights are also created on the nearly two kilometers - many dining establishments that provide shoppers with regional and exotic food. When the weather is nice delightful cafés, pubs and bistros invite to stay on the “Alter Markt”.

Brückstraße quarter

In the northern city of Dortmund is the “Brückstraße” quarter. Dortmunds artist and trendy area is dominated by individual, owner-operated retailers. The overall picture of the street is vibrant, young and a bit freaky. Animated by artists, musicians and other creative people. In the middle of the street is the “Dortmund Konzerthaus”, which is a magnet for art and culture lovers.


"Konzerthaus" Dortmund
Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): Hans Jürgen Landes Fotografie

More ways to shop

More shopping experience offers the “Kleppingstraße” and Rose district around “Victoriastraße”. With many small boutiques and selected fashion, quality and atmosphere is in the foreground. Furthermore arts and crafts shops, chic cafes and restaurants are approximately represented by the Kleppingstraße. It is the "insider’s tip" for fancy fashion with personal advice.


"Thier Galerie" Dortmund
Picture (Licence/photographer/designer): ECE

Shopping gallery "Neues Thier-Areal" in Dortmund

The new “Thier-Galerie” in Dortmund opened in September 2011. On the site of the former Thier brewery in Dortmund the Hamburg-based ECE has developed and implemented a new inner-city shopping center with a sales area of approximately 33,000 square meters and room for about 150 shops and restaurants. 5,000 square meters of office space and approximately 730 parking spaces are also part of the concept. The animal-gallery is located in the southwest of the city center and has a connection to the upper part of the “Westenhellweg”. Those who want to spend one day in a place for shopping, eating and something to drink are in good hands in the Thier-Galerie.

Retail employers

Dortmund ist nationwide known as a shopping destination: Good accessibility, whether in your own car or by public transport, and a large patch area make the city a prime shopping location. As one of the largest industries within the service sector, retailers are also employers of around 14,500 people. In addition to the great shopping in all twelve districts, the focus is more on over 800 businesses in the district Downtown West - within the Wallring nearly 500 shops supply people with everything a shopper's heart can desire. Whether bargain or luxury items, jewelry and home furnishings - the extensive range of family companys, specialized retailers and modern department stores complement each other perfectly in Dortmund. Overall, more than 3,400 stores in Dortmund with a total of 660,000 m² sales area in 2007, earned a remarkable business volume of 3.27 billion euros.